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苏黎世老城漫步游览 / Zurich Old Town Walking Tour Chinese



游览苏黎世迷人的老城,穿越2000多年的多彩历史。沿着蜿蜒的小巷探寻著名的隐秘购物明珠,聆听有关这座城市诞生的传奇 1.5小时的导游陪同游览将带您踏上穿越历史的旅程,漫步罗马浴场遗迹,欣赏欧洲最大的钟面,参观中世纪行会会馆。游览过程中,将有很多机会拍摄绝佳的照片

The most popular 1 ½ -hour guided walking tour through Zurich´s historic old town offers fascinating insights into the city´s colourful history.
Discover Zurich´s fascinating Old Town and travel back through more than 2,000 years of history. Explore the winding alleys with famous and hidden shopping gems, and hear legends of the city's foundation. Walk by the remains of the Roman baths, admire the largest clock face in Europe, and medieval guild houses on this 1 ½ -hour guided walk into the past. During the tour you will have many opportunities to make a lot of great picutres.

集合地点: 苏黎世火车总站游客咨询中心
Getting there: Tourist Information, Zürich Main Station


日期  星期四:下午3:30提供中文导游服务    Thursday: 3.30pm Chinese speaking guide


游览所需时间: 1.5小时

1 ½  hours

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